Your child’s safety is paramount to Acacia Montessori School in Fullerton, California. We want him or her to be safe while at our school. We practice monthly fire and earthquake drills.  We also invite the local Fire Department and Police Department to visit our center at various times throughout the year to review safety issues with the children. Your child’s vocabulary is key to his or her safety.

We talk to them all the time and continually teach your children proper words and names of everyday persons, places, and things such as Descriptive words ~ Healthy body and dental words ~ School time words ~ Change of season words ~ Good etiquette words ~ Places to go ~ How you got there ~ Directional words ~ Identifying and communicating correct amounts and sizes, colors, numbers, animals, feelings and emotions ~ Tactile surfaces ~ Foods you eat and foods animals eat ~ Where the food comes from. The greater your child’s vocabulary, the safer your child is in today’s world.