Specialized in Modern Montessori-based education.

Dr. Maria Montessori developed the Montessori method of education and material. Our center offers quality education to our children, from infant care to kindergarten-ready classes.   Dr. Maria Montessori ( 1870-1952)Maria Montessori was an Italian physician, educator, and innovator acclaimed for her educational method that builds on how children learn naturally.

She opened the first Montessori school in Rome on January 6, 1907. Subsequently, she traveled the world and wrote extensively about her approach to education, attracting many devotees. There are now thousands of Montessori schools in countries worldwide. Montessori Method is an educational pedagogy that focuses on the individual child and his needs.

Dr. Maria Montessori consolidated the concepts behind the pedagogy at the beginning of the 20th century. Her concepts regarding teaching children based on their needs and personal interest led to the Montessori educational method of today. There are five areas of learning in a Montessori Class.

Practical Life

Practical life materials help children to develop the ability to take care of their own needs and care for the environment by using pouring, transferring, tonging, spooning, and pinning jobs. 


Sensorial materials designed by Montessori cover every quality that the senses, such as size, shape, composition, texture, loudness or softness, matching, weight, etc, can perceive.


Mathematical materials help children to learn about internalizing concepts of numbers, sequences, and operations.

Language Arts

Language arts include handwriting, reading by using sandpaper letters, object boxes, and Montessori metal insets for pencil grasp.


Exposes the children to the basic vocabulary of parts and life cycle of animals with a creative STEM activity.