Enrichment program

Physical Development is an important part of our well-rounded preschool program at Acacia Montessori School in Fullerton, California.  Your child will enjoy his or her day through music and movement, Yoga, various calisthenics, and breathing exercises.

Your child will begin his or her mornings by moving his or her body to the sounds of music and learning calming yoga breaths.  During outside time, your child might encounter a classic childhood game like  ‘Simon Says’ or go on a ‘Safari’ or ‘Bear Hunt’ where he or she can pretend to swim across a crocodile-filled river quickly, climb a hill, jump over ravines, or run away from a hungry bear or lion.

Your little one might find it more exciting to pretend to be ‘the animal’ and will walk like different animals as a form of exercise. He or she might hop like a frog, crawl like a crab, waddle like a duck, or flap his or her arms to fly like a bird, but it might be enough just to run, jump or spin!  Exercise is fun and healthy!